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Aug 2014
10 ways to help beat yo-yo blood sugars
We’ve all done it, felt tired, lacking in energy and reached for a bar of chocolate or an energy drink. Feels good doesn’t it? Then within an hour all that zing has gone. Well you are probably suffering from fluctuating blood glucose. Our modern diet is often loaded with fast sugar amongst other things. That quick fix of a high energy drink or even fruit juice, might give you a big boost in energy but within a short time the natural action of insulin in the body drops your blood glucose leaving you feeling lethargic and sluggish. So you reach for some more juice or high energy drink to “refresh” you and before you know it you feel great again ….for a while. Inevitably, over the day you don’t feel good and all that sugar can add to your waistline or even worse, means you are at risk of diabetes.Well there are simple changes that you can make to your lifestyle to help achieve a more balanced blood glucose, so how many of these small steps are you willing to try?The old adage of 3 square meals a day is not wrong because it stops you feeling hungry and straying to the high sugar fixes. If you feel the need for a snack pick a muesli type bar or whole fruit not juice.Include as much natural unprocessed food in your diet as you can as this contains less refined sugar. Beware of added fruit juice and honey- yes it tastes great but it will put your blood glucose up quickly!If you eat eggs, low fat proteins or wholegrain cereals for breakfast, you’ll feel full for longer because of the slow release energy. It’s well known that protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer so a cooked breakfast is not always bad.Eat the whole fruit and not juice; the fibre’s good for you and this helps to slow down the absorption of the sugar. And you get lots and vitamins and minerals as well!Add spice to your life-or rather to your cooking to substitute for the sugar! Fresh herbs like coriander and parsley are even better as they can add a real zing to salads.Fill your day with interesting things so you don’t hit the sugar out of boredom.Exercise, even a brisk walk can also help your body regulate your glucose as insulin sensitivity is improved.Make sure you get some good sleep- if you’re not tired then you won’t be so tempted to reach for the sugary snack in an attempt to make you feel better.Try taking some Chromium supplements. This natural, essential mineral is not so readily available in our modern diet. Lastly, get rid of the sugary snacks and drinks, if they are not there you won’t be tempted. Instead keep whole fruits, unsalted nuts and seeds to hand so you can snack on those.Go on give it a go!
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