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Dec 2014
How to choose your next fragrance
Many of us are thinking about a new fragrance at this time of the year and finding the next great perfume for yourself can be time consuming, especially if you are looking for the fragrance for a special day. It is a very personal choice and it is also influenced by our body chemistry. If it’s the right choice it compliments your personality and mood and you get compliments which adds to the enjoyment.It’s useful to know a bit about the background to perfumes as most women will tend to prefer a certain fragrance family. These families are generally divided into four groups♦ Citrus/Fresh/Fruity as it name describes has citrus notes with a light fresh feel♦ Floral/sweet often contain a range of blooms including rose, carnation, lily of the valley, tuberose.♦Spicy/oriental is rich bold and exotic often heavy and sensual.♦ Woody/chype often contains sandalwood, cedarwood or pine. Patchouli is sometimes in there as well.All perfumes have three layers and if you ignore this when you are buying your fragrance you may not end up with what you thought you liked. The top scent or bouquet is what you first smell and it wears off quite quickly as the alcohol evaporates; you then smell the middle note and finally the base note. So the first rule of buying perfume isAlways make sure you smell the base note by giving the fragrance time to develop. What you smell in the first few minutes is just the top and note and it will change.You are almost certainly going to go more for perfumes in the same fragrance family so find out what that is ,butIt is always worth keeping a few fragrances from different fragrance families so that you can switch perfume depending on whether it’s day or night, the occasion, or even the weather as in cooler weather you can wear stronger fragrances.Don’t smell perfume from the bottle. Always spray a perfume on a blotter first, have a smell and then wait about 5-10 minutes before trying again. If you still like it then spray on your skin. Spread the time that you spend choosing your fragrance over several trips and don’t spray more that 2 on your skin at any time. Take your skin type into account as well as the type of perfume you are buying. If you have drier skin the fragrance will tend to dissipate faster- this will also depend on the type of fragrance. Cologne is 3-5% oil in water and alcohol and is light and refreshing but dissipates the quickest.Eau de toilette(EDT) is 4-8% oil in alcoholEau de parfum (EDP) is 15-18% oil in alcoholPerfume is 15-30% oil in alcohol and will last the longestThe sense of smell improves as the day wears on and is better in warmer weather as well.Remember that your chosen fragrance will also be affected by other toiletries that you have on your skin. So to achieve the desired affect use unscented deodorants. Layer your chosen fragrance by using matching shower gel or body lotion to create a longer lasting effect.Don’t forget that where you apply the fragrance will influence how long it lasts as well. Apply to the centre front of the neck, behind the ears, wrists and the back of the knees. Always apply to bare skin after a shower or bath as the warm skin absorbs the fragrance. Never spray on clothes as you run the risk of staining.Finally enjoy your perfumes, use them on a daily basis so they are part of your personality.
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